New worries for parents of today’s teens

Parents of teenagers are concerned about teen sex addiction now more than ever, mainly because of the hyper-sexual world that teens are exposed to. They are right to be concerned; an affliction like sex addiction has the potential to destroy the teenager’s life. It can cause depression, anxiety, socially inappropriate behavior and not to mention the various health risks.

The most popular question among the concerned parents is “can teen sex addiction be prevented?” and the answer is simple; yes, granted that precautionary measures are taken before teens get addicted to sex. There are many factors that play an important role in teen sex addiction, removing these factors from the equation and taking the following steps may prevent teen sex addiction:

Monitor Computer Use

Addiction to pornography can be called a gateway to sex addiction, most of the pornographic material teens view is on their computer or handheld devices. Parents can monitor the use of such devices and keep their children from watching such material.

Limiting Internet Use

Porn addiction can also be prevented by limiting internet usage. You can make use of the technology available to you, install monitoring software on their various devices and inhibit their access to inappropriate websites.

Encouraging other Activities

Parents should encourage teens to try activities that don’t involve using their computers of other smart devices. Get them interested in a sport or have a family game night. Encourage them to socialize with their peers and enjoy outdoor activities.

Address Mental Health Issues

As a parent, it is your job to take care of child’s physical as well as mental health. If your child is showing signs of depression or anxiety, you should initiate a dialogue with them about their issues. Get them professional help for their depression, let them talk to a therapist and encourage open discussion with family members.

History of Abuse

If a teen has a history of being sexually or physically abused, he/she is at a more of a risk of experiencing sexual compulsivity. Teens in that situation require professional help and need an excellent support system to deal with their issues and begin healing.

By taking the steps mentioned above, you can definitely prevent teen sex addiction. But, be very careful enacting the restrictions; don’t be too strict or forceful. Talk to them and explain why the restrictions are necessary and let them know about the risks they face otherwise.