We Empower Teens & Young Adults To Overcome Addiction

Star Guides Treatment Centers provides treatment that helps teens overcome technology, porn, and sex addictions. If your adolescent and young adults struggles with any of the three addictions listed above, they may be a great fit.

What We Treat

At Star Guides Treatment Centers, our mission is to provide specialized and transformative treatment for boys facing challenges related to video game/technology addiction, sex addiction, and porn addiction. We understand the unique dynamics of these modern-day struggles, and we are proud to offer an innovative solution—Wilderness Therapy.

Video Game/Technology Addiction: Understanding the Challenge: Video game and technology addiction can have profound effects on social, academic, and physical well-being. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive approach, we address these addictive behaviors through our wilderness therapy program.

Sex and Porn Addiction: Understanding the Challenge: Adolescents dealing with sex and porn addiction require a sensitive and comprehensive approach to address the psychological and emotional impacts. Star Guides Treatment Centers recognizes these challenges and has developed a specialized wilderness therapy program to guide boys toward recovery.


Extensive research has revealed that boys exposed to porn from a young age are more likely to:

  • have attitudes that support sexual harassment and violence against women

  • believe “rape myths” that justify or defend rape

  • demonstrate decreased academic performance

  • have decreased empathy for rape victims

  • have increasingly aggressive behavioral tendencies

  • pressure their partners to engage in porn-style sex (harmful, painful, degrading, aggressive, etc.)

  • experience difficulty in developing intimate relationships

  • develop sexual preoccupation and compulsive internet use

  • have increased levels of erectile dysfunction

  • experience anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and loss of intimacy


STAR Guides Treatment Centers for boys, navigates teenagers beyond these addictions by generating unprecedented emotional growth through specialized wilderness treatment. Technology/gaming/social media addictions, reckless and deceptive on-line behavior and pornography/cyber-sex addiction are among the issues that are treated in the boys only specific programs.


At the end of an eventful day of hiking, learning to build fire with sticks, setting up a shelter using a tarp and cordage and cooking his/her own meals over a camp fire, your child will experience a feeling of competency that is largely unknown to many youth today.

Due to the onslaught of technology, many youth today spend a majority of their waking hours being entertained staring at a screen, texting, gaming and surfing endlessly throughout a virtual world of fantasy.

Our wilderness therapy program for boys provides a unique and powerful opportunity for teenagers to develop and grow in a positive way. Through immersion in the natural world, our program helps teens learn self-reliance, independence, and responsibility while also building confidence and resiliency.


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Youth take responsibility for all aspects of their well-being

In addition to the challenges of being unplugged from all technology, communication with the outside world and without the amenities of civilization, we teach responsibility.

Responsibilities Include..

Cooking, taking care of their supplies and learning to use only the elements of the desert to live. Youth are also guided by experienced wilderness/trauma psychotherapists who specialize in working with youth who have sexual behavior issues.  Every task and assignment youth complete is designed to help instill the importance of developing personal values.

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