Nova Hills

Young Adult Program

Since 2014, Star Guides Treatment Centers has established a proven track record in helping young men heal from their sexually addictive behaviors and rebuild relationships with loved ones. The Star Guides adult program, Nova Hills, is an Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Program designed for young men (ages 18-26) who are struggling with pornography, gaming, sexually addictive behaviors, early childhood trauma, and neuro-diverse difficulties or concerns. Participants spend a minimum of 47 days in the wilderness of Southern Utah hiking and camping with minimal gear. They live a primitive lifestyle and learn skills and technologies of ancient living.

Star Guides is much more than a “rehab” experience. Our instructors and clinicians deliver an intensive outdoor learning experience alongside a specialized treatment curriculum. This treatment adventure starts with skills building and healing fundamentals, then culminates with real confidence and leadership.

Our team represents the longest-standing outdoor-behavioral treatment group in the U.S. specializing in treating sex and pornography addiction. Experiential immersion is cutting edge and we have successfully treated hundreds of men facing the devastation caused by sex and pornography addictions.

How Does Sex Addiction Happen?

Young adult men with pornography and sexual addictions have a distorted view of
reality which prevents them from maturing to productive members of society.
Addiction cripples the core ability to know what is real – our most essential skill.

Addicts weave a string of rationalizations and delusions that make it impossible to cope with details like jobs or families.

– Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.

Innovative Treatment Model

Sexual addiction treatment has long focused on managing the symptoms of addiction with abstinence—a difficult challenge in a world with limitless instant gratification which feeds the effects of traumas rather than healing them.

Treatment at Star Guides – Nova Hills is a proprietary blend of Wilderness Therapy, Dr. Patrick Carnes Recovery Zone ® and Dr. Daniel Sanderson’s Developmental Vacation ® modalities. This gives our participants the opportunity to unplug from background distractions, reset their lives and thrive.

Treating the Cause – rather than reacting to the symptoms:

The Star Guides – Nova Hills setting is not a boot camp. There is no force, manipulation or confrontation. Caring field guides/wilderness experts walk the trail with clients with the same food and gear as the participants and patiently wait for opportunities to guide and teach.

Each client is assigned a therapist with at least a Master’s degree and are supervised by the program’s CSAT certified Psychologists and Clinical Director. Therapists meet with the participants several times a week, in the outdoor setting, for individual therapy with an option for family therapy sessions as well.

These experiences allow clients the time in a unique environment to address the root
causes of their sexual addiction. Working with the most current research in neurobiology, attachment and trauma, our clinical team helps clients discover the “why” of their addictive behaviors. Once the core cause is identified, shame is lifted, choice is restored, and remission can begin to occur.


At the completion of the 49-day treatment period, clients are provided with a fully
comprehensive therapeutic assessment. The assessment focuses on any further
treatment recommendations, and prognosis for continued success. This is based on the clients engagement in their own treatment, his work towards treatment goals, and exploring and interpreting assessment data.

Clients will take assessments to help them explore and understand their own addiction, trauma, behavioral struggles, as well as any potential risks moving forward.  These assessments are individualized based on each clients history and treatment needs.

Some of the assessments may include:

– Sexual Behavior Risk Assessment
– Sexual Dependency Inventory
– Post Traumatic Stress Index
– A weekly Outcome Questionnaire

Our focus is on disrupting the dysfunctional patterns and behaviors as quickly as possible, discovering new competencies, resilience, hope and helping clients work towards their goal of a healthy, safe, and successful life.  We know that by taking an intensive experiential approach, we are able to help jump-start the healing and recovery process.

Our Mission

The mission within the Star Guides Treatment Centers is to change lives by helping men heal trauma, disrupt dependencies, return to their authentic selves through understanding, competency, strength and resilience.

Our Commitment

Star Guides Treatment Centers commits to being an inclusive and non-judgmental
community that helps men understand the ‘why’ behind their behaviors, and give them
the tools needed to heal, rebuild, strengthen and live a life of purpose and authenticity.

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