Why a Professional should Perform Psychosexual Assessments on Teens

A juvenile sex offender is often tested with a psychosexual assessment to determine the atypical sexual tendencies that they have. This evaluation process helps the therapists work out a course of action for the rehabilitation of teen sex offenders. In essence, a psycho-sexual assessment focuses on sexual development, attitudes, interests and behaviors that are abnormal.

This evaluation holds great importance and is highly specialized, that is why it should be conducted by a well trained and experienced professional. We have such individuals on staff, who have years of experience dealing with teen sex offenders. Here is why you should seek out a trained and experienced therapist or psychologist for a psychosexual assessment of a teen:

Legal Matters

Since many of the adolescent sex offenders face legal consequences after they offend, the therapist conducting the psychosexual assessment should be aware of all the court proceedings and legal matters. With this knowledge, they can help the teens in a more comprehensive way.

The Age Factor

The age of the offender plays a huge role in their future rehabilitation and process needed to achieve the rehabilitation goals. The evaluator should have experience in handling adolescent psychological issues. Their experience in the field of child psychology will be instrumental in them helping in the youth’s mental development, away from their sexual deviation.

Proper Training

Juvenile sex offender assessment is a very specialized field, so any individual conducting evaluations of these adolescent offenders should have completed their specialized training for the job. Just having a child psychology degree will not be enough in this instance. To conduct an effective psychosexual assessment of teen sex offenders, the evaluator needs the essential training.


As research shows, there are vast differences between juvenile sex offenders and adult sex offenders. So, an evaluator that is infinitely experienced in working with adult sex offenders is not an ideal therapist to conduct the psychosexual assessment of juvenile sex offenders. The psychologist should have adequate experience in treating adolescent sex offenders, only then can he/she conduct the evaluation effectively.

At STAR Guides, we have specialists in the field of child and clinical psychology. They have years of experience with conducting psychosexual assessment of teens. They work with adolescent offenders, to help them deal with the root causes of their issues and help put them on a road to recovery and healthy sexuality.