Sexually abusive teens are a growing concern in America. According to Center of Sex Offender Management (CSOM), juvenile sex offenders are responsible for half of the child abuse cases in the US. Researchers have been trying to study these juvenile offenders. And so far, a significant amount of research has been performed.

The research has revealed many important things about abusive teens. Researchers now know that every teen that commits such acts is different. Most traits that are presents in each of those teens vary significantly. They can come from any social or economic class. They can belong to any ethnic or social group. Just as no two human beings are the same, no two juvenile offenders are similar.

But, some researchers believe that there are some common traits that were observed in sexually abusive teens, traits such as:

Gender and Age

Most juvenile sex offenders are male, about 90% of them. And almost all of the juvenile offenders commit their first offence before they reach the age of 15.

History of Abuse

Another very common trait that has been observed in juvenile sex offenders is history of abuse. Teens that have been sexually or physically abused as children are more likely to abuse others. According to CSOM, about 80% of abusive teens have a history of being abused themselves.

Impulse Control Issues

Many of the teens that end up sexually offending have severe impulse control issues. This can also include some deviant sexual arousal issues, like being aroused by young children. They may get aroused by a certain individual or situation and are not able to control themselves. These issues may arise because of exposure to pornographic material from an early age.

Learning Disabilities

It has been observed that juvenile sex offenders have very high rates of learning disabilities or have experienced other forms of academic hurdles.

Psychological Disorders

Many of these teens suffer from mental illnesses that often donโ€™t get diagnoses. If diagnosed at an early age, their behavior can be controlled and managed.

With the right and timely sex offender therapy, these teens can learn to control their behavior and become productive members of the society. STAR Guides has a juvenile sex offender program for teens to guide them in their path towards healing and coming to terms with their past actions.

Company Introduction

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