Well…um…what were we talking about? Ah ‘sex’. Well, son…sex is…um…just hold on a sec…Let me get your mother!

That was pretty much how my first and only father-son adult convo panned out.

Addiction, or in this case, sex addiction is a state of behavior which is outside of society’s norms. And if not treated in time, drives an addict of this compulsive disorder even further away from being a normal member of a community and making a contribution, as they should.

As with all other addictions, an adolescent’s drive to engage compulsively in sex acts stems from a desire to be a better person, or atleast feel like one, which usually means that a youngster feels a lot less. Therefore, seeking pleasure in the form of various addictions is the fastest way in which a youngster can disconnect from life, or in other words, numb out of life’s terms. In a nutshell, children or people in their teens who go towards sex addiction tend to do so because of a preexisting psychological or behavioral disorder.

This is why the role of parents is so important when it comes to keeping their kids from these abusive or compulsive ways. Because of the seriousness of this problem and the end results, which are far from pretty, parents need to become more involved with their kids and how they discuss the topic of sex. If parents have a hard time discussing or approaching this topic with their kids, they should seek out guidance from a professional before it’s too late.

Sexual addiction therapists are able to provide parents with options for treatment programs which will help them manage their psychological issues. So, the question here is, when should parents seek out professional help? Well, If you sense that something is going on with your child, something probably is, and it’s your duty as an adult and a parent to recognize and act appropriately.

As for me it’s been around six months since I’ve completed treatment at Star Guides, and I’ve followed their program like a religion and have also sought help for some other problems as well. The positive side to this is, that I’ve started to gain weight, and I know it has not all been due to logging long hours at the gym. A part from that, sex addiction treatment has paid dividends, it has provided me some vital tips on clean and healthy living, I am more upbeat, I feel happier, and on a side note, I’ve welcomed back the morning wood. The benefits of sexual addiction therapy have so far been overwhelmingly positive.