STAR Guides offers a unique rehabilitation program for teens struggling to cope with online sexual exploitation video game addiction

June 11th 2015, ST. GEORGE, UTAH: Rapid technological advancement has significantly improved our lives, but it has led to a new wave of complications at the same time. Online sexual exploitation, cyber bullying, and video game and technology addictions reveal a rather ugly reality of the Internet.

Victims of online sexual exploitation or those having addictions are all too familiar with the feelings of hurt, guilt and anger that these phenomena leave behind in their lives. Often, they are unable to cope with these negative feelings, which can permanently damage their self-esteem and cause depression. Hence, they require an effective therapy program to help them move on and overcome any kind of addiction they may have.

STAR Guides offers the first-of-its kind wilderness therapy program, designed for teenagers struggling to recover from the damage of sexual and video game addictions, coupled with online sexual exploitation. The rehab center helps teens overcome addictions by generating unprecedented emotional growth through a specialized wilderness treatment. The issues treated at the center include technology, social media and video game addictions, questionable online behavior and pornography or cybersex addiction.

“Unlike any other rehab treatment facilities that treat a wide range of behavior issues, our specialized therapy program is focuses specifically on digital, process and sexual addictions and is able to generate a positive change within affected individuals,” said Kena Frey, psychotherapist. “We have highly qualified therapists, who work closely with the parents in the development of a comprehensive assessment and plan for the type of ongoing treatment that will be needed by their child.”

The 60-day wilderness therapy program includes having teens work with their therapist in individual sessions twice weekly, in addition to participating in daily group therapy sessions. “As the therapy sessions take place outdoors, around a fire or under the open sky, it has a far greater impact on teens than the usual coach therapy provided in an outpatient setting” said Kena Frey. “Such a unique setting allows students to open up about their issues.”

At STAR Guides, students are required to complete a number of therapeutic and wilderness tasks in order to complete the entire program. Therapy tasks include writing and sharing of an autobiography, participating in and leading group therapy sessions, compiling a sexual history, establishing written correspondence and family work with parents and accountability groups.

Meanwhile, wilderness tasks consist of cooking on a fire, identifying constellations, building shelters, learning knots, etc. Most importantly, parents can communicate with their children through letters. Students are allowed to write letters whenever they want, and it is the responsibility of the program to assure the letters arrive to their parents. In addition to young teens, the program also offers specialized therapy to male and female young adults.

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STAR Guides is a renowned addiction treatment center for adolescents struggling with sexual and relational behavior issues. Its wilderness therapy program offers professional treatment and advice to recovering addicts and victims of online sexual exploitation. The company’s mission is to help teens and their families find hope and heal from addictions.

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