Teens, who exhibit sexual compulsivity and other behavioral issues, usually are not aware of their underlying conditions. Parents often try to determine and solve the problems that plague their children, but often simply don’t know the right approach for helping their kids. Many parents come to recognize that they cannot help their kids on their own; they will require the help of trained professionals, who have experience in dealing with such complex issues.


Dr. Dan Sanderson, Clinical Director of Star Guides discusses psychosexual evaluation, also referred to as a sexual behavior risk assessment for teens and young adults. www.starguideswilderness.com These teens need to be evaluated by therapists who can determine what kind of behavioral disorder or addictions they have. An analysis used for this purpose is called Psycho-sexual assessment. Different personality and behavioral traits of the youths are assessed in this assessment to learn about their specific problem.

STAR Guides provides Psycho-sexual assessment for teens battling behavioral and sexual issues. Typically Dr. Daniel Sanderson handles the assessments. The Psycho-sexual assessment is an important part of the STAR Guides wilderness program.

A STAR Guides spokesperson, Dr. Daniel Sanderson (clinical psychologist) stated, “The assessment examines multiple facets of a youth’s profile including personality, intelligence, cognitive ability, academics, social capability, sexual interests, attitudes and behaviors as a means of determining risk for re-offending or acting out sexually in the future as well for identifying academic and treatment needs.”

In the STAR Guides therapy program, this analysis takes place in the wilderness. The unique setting provides no external distractions, which leads to a more accurate and un-skewed assessment. The importance of this analysis demands experienced therapists. STAR Guides has clinical psychologists who have specialized training in treating sexual deviancy in adolescents.

STAR Guides recommends the completion of Psycho-sexual evaluation during the placement of the youth in program. The assessment provides valuable information to the therapists and the parents of the youth–information which can be used to plan out a course of therapy for the youth well beyond the wilderness experience.

Teens who exhibit signs of cyber-sex addiction, voyeurism, fetishes, sexual boundary issues or other illegal sexual activities, should undergo this evaluation. While being evaluated, the teens are placed in the uniquely designed wilderness therapy program. Under the guidance of a trained professional, they spend their days in the open wilderness and take part in intense therapy sessions. By taking part in the STAR Guides wilderness therapy program, teens can begin their journey towards recovery.

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STAR Guides is a first of its kind addiction therapy center. It offers uniquely designed wilderness therapy for adolescents struggling with sexual behavior issues. STAR Guides provides navigation families faced with the challenge of disruptive sexual behaviors. Sexual compulsivity, pornography, cyber-sex addiction and sexual offences are some of the issues that are treated in this program.

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