Wilderness Therapy Just for Girls

In addition to the teen boys sexual specific treatment group, STAR Guides now offers a therapeutic wilderness expedition uniquely designed for young women struggling with sexual behaviors. STAR Guides in one of very few programs nationally with a specialty for treating teen girls struggling with sexual behavior problems. Often due to their own trauma and abuse, young women who exhibit a pattern of reckless or promiscuous sexual behavior are prime candidates for this program. Learning to live in a wilderness setting along with intensive therapy allows young women to begin to heal from past trauma and abuse that has resulted in their problematic sexual behaviors. Young women are able to repair their identity through developing competency rather than a reliance on sex.

Girls who experience sexual trauma or abuse are often at-risk for developing a variety of mental health and/or addiction issues during adolescence and young adulthood. Among these issues include:



Bi-polar Disorder


Substance Abuse

Post Traumatic Stress


Anxiety Disorders

Family Adjustment Difficulties

Eating Disorders

Personality Disorders (borderline, histrionic, narcissistic traits)

Low Self-Esteem

Relationships Problems


Low Motivation


Habitual Lying

Peer Problems

Identity issues


In addition to intensive psychotherapy services while in the wilderness, students also participate in an academic program and earn academic credits in the areas of Physical Education, Health/Nutrition and Creative Writing/English during their stay that can be transferred to their current school transcript.

Who Should Participate?

Adolescent females ages 13-17 and young adults ages 18-25 who exhibit or are struggling with any of the following behaviors:

Inability to stop viewing pornography

Sexual Promiscuity



Sexual Addiction

Inappropriate internet sexual behaviors

Reckless sexual behaviors



Sexual boundary issues within the family or with other youth.

Sexual Offending

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