Many studies show that internet pornography has some form of effect in propagating teen sex addiction. Male teenagers and young adults are the main demographic of pornographic websites that now make up about 12% of the internet. Online pornography is said to be one of the most lucrative internet industries in the world, with profits in the billions.

In the Past

If you go back a mere two decades, you will find that the number of people dealing with sex addiction was quite low and teens dealing with porn addiction nonexistent. Up till the mid 90s, a teen’s access to porn was restricted to a stolen magazine or a picture a friend found rummaging through his older brother’s drawer. The chances of said teenager becoming a porn or sex addict were very almost zero. The lack of access prevented such addictions, but those days are long gone; the internet has brought porn to every teenager’s fingertips.

The Easy Access

The access to pornography is so easy that you are bound to stumble on to a pornographic website, even if you aren’t looking for one. At times, seemingly innocent words in the search engine can bring you to an explicit site. Teenagers, both girls and boys, are naturally curious about sex and all that it entails. And all that is standing between them and the explicit material is an ‘I am 18’ button on pornographic websites. It is shocking to see how easy it is to access even the most extreme pornography, without giving any sort of real proof of one’s age.

The Exposure

Trying to perform research on the topic of teen porn and sex addiction is difficult, for obvious reasons. But, it is believed that about 90% of children in the US are exposed to some form of pornography at a very young age. And when they view such images at a young age, they take hold of their thoughts and at some point in time they act out these fantasies. This is also why the age at which kids are becoming sexually active, is becoming lower.

There haven’t been any definitive studies that can connect pornography to teen sex addiction, but by looking at the information above, it is safe to assume that it is a major factor influencing sex addiction in today’s youth. If your child is suffering from any one of these conditions, then our treatment program can help. STAR Guides Wilderness provides effective treatment for porn and teen sex addicts; our program can disrupt the compulsive sex behavior and put the youths on a path towards a healthier sexual life.