Pornography addiction is becoming an increasingly bigger issue with each passing year, as it becomes more accessible to kids of all ages. We have previously talked about how simple it is for children to access pornography and how there aren’t any real safeguards in place to prevent them from viewing explicit images online.

Early Exposure

Kids today are being exposed to pornography even at an earlier age than before. Children as young as 10-12 are viewing pornography regularly and this early exposure leads to a lifelong addiction for them. As they continue to view such images, they eventually need to view more explicit kinds of porn to satisfy their urges. This progression can result in them viewing violent pornographic images, which can have dangerous consequences.

Vulnerable Brains

At such a young age, kids are vulnerable and impressionable. They can develop an addiction for porn and later violent porn even after viewing it for a short while. This is also when they are developing their behavior and impulse control and if they view violent pornography, then they understand that to be appropriate sexual behavior for them.

Saying No is Difficult

In their tween and teen years, children have a harder time saying no to the cravings they have. They are more likely to give in to their impulses, and if they are viewing violent sexual acts being committed, then they may try to act out their fantasies.

Aggressive Behavior

A study conducted in 2010, looked at the connection between violent pornographic images and the aggressive sexual behavior in adolescents states that prolonged exposure to such images can lead to the development of certain aggressiveness in their sexual activities. Since most of the sexual violence in pornography is committed against women, it can result in teens committing sexual offenses against females.

Possibility of Sexual Misconduct

As we have mentioned above, teens who are exposed to such violent material may find it okay to subject their sexual partners to the acts that they have seen in porn. As was the case with this teenager, who one day decided to act out his violent fantasies, which he had developed by reading a popular book, with his girlfriend and ended up beating her with his fists.

Experience and studies have shown that watching violent pornographic materials does have a damaging effect on the minds of teens, especially if they are exposed to it early in their life. We have a specific program for teens that have committed a sexual offence as well as a program that deals with teenagers with porn addiction. Contact our representatives (800.584.4629) to learn more about the program that can help your child.