Researchers believe that when adolescent females engage in sexual activity, especially when they are addicted to sex, they have two different types of thoughts. One is a myriad of different thoughts going through their mind at the same time, distracting them from the acts that they take part in. The second thought process is complete blankness or numbness, which is indicative of the trauma or abuse they have endured. We offer a sexual reactivity therapy program for adolescent teens experiencing such sexual behavior issues.

The Root

An addiction to sex causes teenage girls to lose control of their urges and engage in compulsive sexual behavior. They are always on the lookout for the next high, and over time they need more and more extreme activities to achieve that high.

Before we can determine the root cause/causes of the sex addiction, it is important to know the mindset of the adolescents. They will exhibit the following common symptoms of sexual addiction, which you can look for to get them the help they require:

  1. Patterns and thoughts that are obsessive and disturb their normal routine
  2. Unable to exercise control over their sexual behavior; this may including viewing pornography for hours straight and engaging in sexual activities
  3. Ignoring their friends or other normal teenage activities to satiate their addictive tendencies

Shame/Self Loathing

Studies have shown that sex addicts feel shame, guilt and self-hatred, and this may be the root of the sexual addiction in teenage girls. Past sexual trauma can often cause the victims to blame themselves for the way they were treated. They can act out and get involved in various sexual activities to overcome the pain that they are feeling.

If adolescent teens don’t seek help or if it isn’t provided to them at the right time, then the spiral of shame and guilt can take them deeper into the addiction and they may cause harm to themselves as a result.

The Abuse Itself

Other experts believe that the abuse that teenage girls suffer at a young age is actually the root of the issue, because it is responsible for the shame and low self-esteem they suffer from. If they are abused by someone they know the resulting guilt and shame can eat away at them.

The root of the issue may be debatable; what is not debatable is the fact that these girls need counseling and the right therapy program, so they can learn to cope with their issues before they enter their adult life. Our wilderness therapy program aims to help teenage girls experiencing compulsive behavior. Contact our representative (800.584.4629) or peruse the resources on our site to get additional information on how the program can help your child.