Sex addiction gives addicts a temporary high. It gets people hooked on the chemical changes that occur in the brain while they are committing various acts of sexual behavior. Like any other type of addicts, sexual addicts chase that high. They live double lives and are ashamed of the fact that they cannot control their actions.

A large number of teenagers are becoming sex addicts because of a combination of different factors. They have easy access to pornographic materials and that coupled with the fact that they are curious to try anything to experience a high leads them to the dark path of sex addiction. Teens who become addicted to sex can express self-destructive behavior. This behavior can also encompass the people around them and destroy their relationships.

The Dangers

Teen sex addicts can show many different signs of destructive behavior both for themselves and their friends and family.

  1. They can lose control in the pursuit of a greater high and may end up harming themselves physically while progressing to more perverse and taboo acts for a better experience.
  2. Teen sex addicts can be more compulsive in their behavior, the lack of control and the compulsiveness can foil any efforts that they may put forward to curbing their behavior.
  3. They can get obsessed with thoughts of sex and can spend hours of their time in committing sexual acts and then trying to recover from them.
  4. Obsessive sexual behavior can lead teens towards anti-social conducts. They can neglect their family, friends, school and all other obligations.
  5. They continue to pursue their addiction even though it is having detrimental effects on their lives.
  6. The escalation factor in any addiction can lead addicts into more extreme acts. Teen sex addiction can escalate and teens seek more intense, frequent and risky sexual encounters.


When you observe any of the above mentioned signs or dangers in your child, you can seek the help of a sex addiction therapist. And start their recovery process before the addiction takes a better hold of them. Therapy alone will not be enough to negate the dangers of teen sex addiction. You will have to have an open dialogue with the teen and have patience with them because recovery from sex addiction can be a long and grueling process. As a parent you can provide the teen with every type of support he/she needs to help them beat sex addiction and resume their normal life.