The Impact Of Internet Pornography On Children

Research has shown that pornography harms children. The effects of porn can be addicting, and in some cases traumatizing. While it is not true that every child who watches porn will grow up to become a sex addict, there are still many potential harmful effects.

Sexual Violence

The internet is a tool for sexual predators such as pedophiles, as they distribute child pornography, or engage in explicit conversations with children in internet chat-rooms. The more access children have to pornography, the higher the risk of danger such as rape, sexual assault, or child molestation.

Sexual Activity At A Young Age

Porn may cause a child to deal with sexual situations that they are not prepared to deal with. Some kids may act out sexually against smaller and more vulnerable kids. In many of these situations, the child that is aggressive was either exposed to porn or they were molested.

Research shows that more than 50 percent of child molesters blamed their actions on exposure to porn. Child molesters also frequently admit to seeing porn regularly, which causes them to want to engage in deviant behavior. Pedophiles use photos from porn to show a child what they want them to do. The photos can also comfort a child, as the pedophile can say that the person in the picture is having fun, so you can too.

Illness and Addiction

Porn can teach kids about a very serious danger: that sex without responsibility is acceptable. This is a danger to the overall health of a child. Sexual activity at a younger age is occurring more frequently, which is leading to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among young people. Teen pregnancy continues to rise as well. Adult men and women who were exposed to porn at an early age are said to be more sexually active than other adults.

Attitudes and Values

Exposure to porn at an early age can influence the minds of young people. Research has shown that viewing graphic porn can effect how people view women, relationships, and sex in general. Young boys who view porn may grow up to become men and develop a sexual coldness toward a woman. They may develop unrealistic expectations about sex, and the importance of marriage or monogamy. In the most serious cases, men can grow up de-emphasizing the seriousness of rape.

Child’s Development and Identity

During childhood, a child’s brain is programmed for sex. If the child is exposed to regular norms and attitudes, the child will develop normal attitudes towards sex. If the child has a lot of exposure to porn during this period, it could become a regular part of their sexual orientation. Those images can be difficult to erase from the brain, which can cause a child to start having sexual fantasies that they will want to act out. Porn can hurt a child’s development process and damage their sexuality, leaving them confused and unsure of themselves.