Contrary to popular belief, video game addiction is not just prevalent among kids. In fact, increasing numbers of adults suffer from online video gaming addiction. Research shows that video game addicts play games as it provides them an easy escape from the real world.

While there is no harm in playing mentally stimulating video games, it becomes a serious problem when it disrupts a person’s daily routine. Compulsive video gaming is considered a serious psychological disorder that needs to be treated with intensive therapy.

If you are a hardcore gaming fan spending more than half of your day playing excessively violent video games online then you need help. Here are the top 5 signs you need professional help with video gaming addiction:

Negative emotions

Do you get really furious when you are asked to stop playing video games? Do you experience negative emotions, such as anger, anxiety and even depression when you are not online playing games?

It is okay to be annoyed when someone asks you to stop, but getting upset or angry means you have a serious problem. Being unable to control your anger is a sign that the video game has taken over your state of mind.

Neglecting other areas of life

A well-rounded personality knows how to balance his or her tasks. Time management is one of their best skills. If a person is unable to focus on the other areas of life, such as school, work and social life, their quality of life will suffer tremendously.

A student, for example, will witness their grades deteriorating. Addicts do not have a healthy lifestyle as they skip their sleep and food for gaming. Moreover, video gaming addicts find themselves obsessively thinking about gaming or a new game that is about to hit the market, even when they are doing other things. This, obviously, affects their concentration levels and causes them to lag behind in many other significant areas of their personal and professional life.


Lying about the number of hours you have spent online playing games is concerning. If you find yourself lying to your parents and friends about what you have been doing with your time then it is time to accept the fact that you are addicted to gaming.

Spending excessive amounts of money

A blatantly obvious sign that indicates you are addicted to gaming is that you spend too much money on computers and video games. As a matter of fact, over exceeding your budget by splurging on video games will leave you broke and unable to honor other financial commitments.

Be smart about how you spend your hard-earned money on buying new games. Set aside a monthly amount to purchase new games and avoid exceeding your budget.

Social withdrawal

Do you spend more time on your gaming console and computer  than with your family or friends? If so, you are addicted to gaming.

Video games provide an escape to people, especially shy children. It gives them the opportunity to cut themselves off from social interactions. As a result, they find it hard to interact with people and establish meaningful relationships. Furthermore, excessive video gaming has an adverse impact on an individual’s physical health. The more they spend their time indoors playing games, the more weight they put on.

In a nutshell, gaming is an enjoyable hobby, but it should not take over your life. Moderation is key in gaming. If you want to seek professional help for video and computer gaming addiction, you need to choose the right rehabilitation program. Choose STAR Guides that has been helping individuals deal with gaming addiction with their wilderness therapy.

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