When parents look at their own kids, they often overlook many faults or bad qualities that they may have. You may try to deny it, but it is true. Many parents see all rainbows and sunshine when they look at their kids, which is understandable. But you also have to be aware of all the “influences” that they are under and the certain trends that they might have fallen prey to; one such popular trend is sexting.

Growing in Popularity

Sexting is when a teen sends physically inappropriate images, or other content, to someone via texts using their phones. It has become very popular among teens; a recent study indicates that over 50% of teens have – in one way or another – participated in sexting. STAR Guides offers teens with a sexting addiction help through their wilderness therapy program. They also offer sex addiction counseling and porn addiction treatment to adolescents who display deviant sexual behavior.

Sexting has become a major issue among teenagers, so how can parents know if their child is sending sexts? They can start by looking for the following signs, which will allow them to learn whether their kid is sexting or not:

Signs of Sexting

Before you read the signs, you have to remember to get out of that “not my kids” mindset. Because without doing that, you will not be able to see the following signs:

  1. Teens will be very protective of their phones, if they are sending sexts to someone. They will not allow you to look through them and will keep it with them at all times.
  2. Whenever they receive a text or are sending a text, they will leave the room so they can do it in private and they will keep the screen of their phone hidden, if someone walks in.
  3. Teens become agitated and defensive when a parent asks them about their cell phone usage and why they are keeping it a secret.

Unfortunately, you will have to play the role of gatekeeper and keep an eye on their communications to make sure that your teens are not sending any sexts. If you observe the signs above, then you should contact STAR Guides Wilderness and enroll your teen in their therapy program. They have specially trained therapists, who have been treating teens with technology addiction issues for years.