The best time to discuss sex with your teen is before any problems arise. While the conversation might seem daunting, it’s crucial to ensure your teen receives accurate information. Teens are naturally curious about sex, and if they’re not learning from you, they might be picking up misinformation from peers or, worse, pornography. Here are three essential tips to talk to your teen about pornography.

1. Initiate the Conversation

Open the Dialogue Early

Start talking to your teen about sex even if you don’t think they have an issue with pornography or sexual behavior. Early conversations can prevent potential problems. Discuss topics like consent and appropriate boundaries, and ensure these discussions are ongoing.

Listen Actively

Don’t just talk; listen to your teen’s thoughts and questions about sex. They might have misunderstandings or lack knowledge about proper terms. Teach them the correct terminology, avoiding slang or nicknames for body parts. This approach fosters an environment where candid and age-appropriate conversations can flourish.

2. Avoid Shaming

Handle Discovery Carefully

If you find evidence of your teen viewing pornography, confirm it wasn’t someone else in the household before addressing the issue. Instead of confrontation, start a dialogue about sex. Explain what is healthy and appropriate, highlighting that much of pornography is fantasy and not reflective of healthy sexual intimacy.

Promote Open Communication

Shaming your teen can push them away and make them less likely to seek help. While it’s important to communicate your values and expectations, do so without condemning or preaching. Acknowledge that having sexual feelings and curiosity is normal. Use this opportunity to educate them on healthy versus unhealthy sexual relationships, encouraging them to ask questions in a non-judgmental space.

3. Seek Professional Help When Needed

Recognize the Signs

Take any evidence of porn or sexual addiction seriously. What you know might just be the tip of the iceberg. If your teen shows signs of a serious problem, it’s crucial to seek professional help. Start by finding a counselor trained in sexual behavior issues in your community.

Consider Residential Treatment

For severe issues, residential treatment centers can provide a structured environment away from normal triggers, enabling recovery. Starguides Wilderness Therapy offers a comprehensive 90-day evaluation to help your family determine the best course of action for your teen’s needs. Our program immerses teens in nature, away from technological distractions, helping them break free from their dependencies and develop healthier coping mechanisms.

Empowering Teens Through Understanding and Support

Talking to your teen about pornography is a vital step in guiding them toward healthy sexual development. By initiating early conversations, avoiding shaming, and seeking professional help when necessary, you can provide the support your teen needs. For more information on how Star Guides Wilderness Therapy can assist your family, visit