By taking teens on wilderness excursions STAR Guides adds a physical dimension to their therapeutic experience, which no other therapy can offer them.

Disrupting the compulsive behavior of teen sex, pornography or cyberspace addicts is the most important step in their recovery process. To do that, they need to experience a unique treatment program that can take them out of the modern society and away from their various digital gadgets and gizmos. This disruption allows teens to get in touch with the root of their issues, start on the path of recovery and reach a point where they can have a healthy sexual life. STAR Guides Wilderness therapy offers one such experience.

STAR Guides Wilderness is an expertly designed and professionally run therapy program for youth who are dealing with sexually compulsive behaviors. This can include an addiction to pornography, sex and exhibition of disruptive sexual behavior.

The therapy program from STAR Guides Wilderness takes such youth away from their normal urban environments and disconnects them from cyberspace and disrupts their routines. Under the guidance of experienced professional therapists, these youth are taken on a therapeutic nature trip in the wilderness of Utah.

While they are in nature and away from technology, the STAR Guides counselors teach them to work hard and put in effort to learn to be comfortable in the remote desert. They aren’t used to exerting such effort in their normal environment, and this activity can be a ‘wake-up call’ for them.

STAR Guides clincian Matt Bulkley expressed his opinion on the topic, saying, “Most youth today have become accustomed to the use of technology and the comforts it offers and they are not ready to deal with discomfort of any kind. Our therapy program is designed to get them out of their comfort zone and re-establish positive patterns and demands them to take personal responsibility.”

STAR Guides Wilderness therapy puts the teens in a situation where they have to fend for themselves and take personal responsibility for every aspect of their life. They have to cook, clean and learn to co-exist with fellow group members. These actions build their confidence and alleviate their dependency on technology.

When they are willing to work on for themselves and on themselves, therapy becomes much more effective. And this is the aim of STAR Guides; they want to help youth develop an authentic identity with the help of their unique wilderness therapy.

About the Company

STAR Guides is a first of its kind addiction therapy center. It offers uniquely designed wilderness therapy for adolescents struggling with sexual behavior issues. STAR Guides provides navigation for the whole family of people faced with the challenge of disruptive sexual behaviors. Sexual compulsivity, pornography, cyber-sex addiction and sexual offences are some of the issues that are treated in this program.

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