July 27th 2015, ST. GEORGE, UTAH: Specializing in wilderness therapy, renowned addiction treatment center, STAR Guides has been helping hundreds of adolescents struggling with addictions to overcome their sexual and relational behavior issues.

With a group of highly trained, professional therapists, STAR Guides offers its one-of-a-kind, comprehensive outdoor behavioral health therapy program that allows parents to play a pivotal role in helping their child overcome an addiction.

“Peer pressure, strained family ties, excessive use of the Internet, among several other factors, have led to a drastic rise in addiction, especially digital addiction among adolescents. As compared to adults, teenagers are more prone to fall into the vicious cycle of addiction as their minds are still developing,” said a clinical director Dr. Daniel Sanderson. “That is why we provide a clinically intensive therapeutic experience that involves both the youth facing addiction and their parents.”

The 60-day wilderness therapy program focuses on adolescents who work with their therapist in individual sessions twice weekly, in addition to participating in daily group therapy sessions. As the youth spends 60 days outdoors in a remote wilderness location, their parents work closely with the STAR Guides therapist for developing a comprehensive assessment and plan for what type of on-going treatment will be needed in the future.

“The number one aim of the wilderness program is for our therapists to identify the underlying factors behind a child’s addiction,” said Dr. Sanderson. “Rest assured, our therapists keep parents updated on every single detail related to their child’s addiction issues, treatment and progress.”

The role of parents is an essential component at STAR Guides’ wilderness program. Parents are educated in the trademark Developmental Vacation theory and come to understand their role in the disruption of the dependencies that have contributed to the problematic behaviors.

In addition, they also participate in weekly parent phone therapy sessions with their child’s therapist, apart from completing a series of therapeutic assignments under the direction of the therapist.

The rehabilitation center provides essential materials to participants for them to write letters to their parents. As the student progresses, family therapy sessions occur via satellite phone. Furthermore, once a child completes the program, parents are invited to travel to Utah to participate in an overnight experience in the field with their student and to participate in a final face to face family therapy session.

The addiction treatment center ensures that children’s hygiene and dietary requirements are being met out in the wild. “It is mandatory for students to maintain good hygiene. Twice a week, students take a full body shower by using water that is heated from the fire, and going off into the trees privately. They use shampoo and soap to wash their hair and their bodies,” Dr. Sanderson described. “Similarly, each child is required to consume a minimum of 3000 calories per day. “

During the wilderness therapy, students are required to complete a number of therapeutic and wilderness tasks, including writing and sharing of an autobiography, participating in and leading group therapy sessions, compiling a sexual history, and much more, for completing the entire program.

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STAR Guides is an addiction treatment center for adolescents struggling with sexual and digital addictions. Its wilderness therapy program offers professional treatment and advice to recovering addicts and victims of online sexual exploitation. The company’s mission is to help teens and their families find hope and heal from addictions.

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