Is your teen developing a sex addiction?

In this hyper-sexual age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between normal and abnormal sexual behavior. But there are some clear signs that one can look for to point out an obvious sex addiction. In adults, these signs are easier to spot, not so in teens.

Defining normal teenager behavior can be a difficult task and it gets even more troublesome when you try to determine if a teen is addicted to sex.By looking for the following specific signs, you can glean whether a teen may be developing abnormal sexual behavior:


The first thing you will notice in teen sex addicts is their complete and utter preoccupation with sexual behavior and fantasies. They will use all their time to access sexual content or engage in sexual acts if possible. New technology makes their job a lot easier, with internet and various mobile apps, finding explicit content and sexual partners has become almost effortless.


You know how some degenerative diseases can cause more damage to a human body as time passes, sexual addiction has similar characteristics. Over time, teen sex addicts will look for more heightened sexual experiences, either by looking up more extreme content or by engaging in potentially dangerous sexual acts.


Teen sex addicts will spend most of their time thinking about sex, looking at sexual content or engaging in secretive sexual activities. They will ignore their normal routine and become increasingly distant from family and friends. They will give up their hobbies, interests and relationships to feed their addiction.

Mood Fluctuations

It is difficult to spot this sign in teenagers because teens can be moody enough without an addiction. Often, teen sex addicts will seem more irritated and angry when confronted about their addiction. This causes them to feel the guilt and shame of their actions. They may react with excessive anger over a simple sentence or statement.

Inappropriate Behavior in Social Settings

Some teen sex addicts become emboldened and may engage in overt sexual behavior in social settings including school, friends homes and in other public settings. They may display hyper-sexual language and be impulsive in comments about sexual themes including making inappropriate comments and using sexual humor.

When you notice these signs in a teen, you should think about talking to a sex addiction counselor and get them the help they need so they can find a solution for their sex addiction and learn to manage and curb their hyper-sexual impulses.

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