In this post, we will continue to discuss the different categories of sexual addiction. In our previous post we listed the first five of these categories and we pick where we left out and discuss the last five types of sexual addiction. Our unique therapy program can help adolescents addicted to sex or exhibiting adverse sexual behavior.

6 – Voyeurism

This is another type of sex addiction that can stem from addiction to pornography. Teens that spend most of their time looking at pornographic images, get used to the idea of being aroused by watching other people engaged in sexual acts. Voyeuristic teens can spend hours looking at sexually explicit images or observing other people in compromising situations.

7 – Exhibitionism

Exhibitionism involves exposing your body in public for sexual gratification. Teens that aren’t able to control their sexual urges may resort to exhibitionism to reach sexual satisfaction. An exhibitionist satisfaction is connected with being observed by others, and not the act itself.

8 – Intrusive sex

Forcefully touching the sexual organs of others is known as intrusive sex addiction. Teenagers can often exhibit such sexual compulsiveness in public places or social gatherings. Sexual intercourse is not a part of achieving gratification, the act of exploiting someone is treated as a way to satisfy one’s urges.

9 – Pain exchange

Some sex addicts experience a progression of addiction when adequate help isn’t provided in a timely manner. They seek more extreme and hardcore ways to achieve satisfaction, and this can lure them into the world of S&M (sadomasochism).

10 – Exploitation of others

This goes beyond intrusive sex addiction and can be considered as the most dangerous type of sex addiction. Teenagers suffering from this type of sex addiction can use their power of authority to sexually abuse younger children, often their siblings. The uncontrollable sexual urges can also lead them force the other members of the opposite sex to perform sexual acts for them.

The information above can help you better understand the issues the teens are facing. If you recognize the type of addiction they have, or even if you don’t, contact us (800.584.4629) to find out how our unique wilderness therapy program can disrupt their behavior and guide them towards healthy sexuality.