A noted sexual addiction counselor, Patrick Carnes, described 10 different types of sexual addiction. It is only now, more than two decades later, that we are realizing that the categories of sexual addiction he listed, do exist. It would surprise you to learn that aside from one, maybe two, of these categories all other types of sexual addiction can affect teenagers.

This is why we thought it pertinent to discuss these categories and provide parents with useful information that can aid them in finding the right therapy program for their children. We will be discussing five of these categories briefly in this post and the next five in the upcoming post, keep checking our site for the update.

1 – Fantasy Addiction

Mostly brought on by over exposure to sexually explicit images – pornography – fantasy sex addiction lead a teen into a world of sexual fantasy and they find it impossible to leave. They cannot fathom having a relationship with a real member of the opposite sex.

2 – Seductive Addiction

Teenagers suffering from this type of addiction can view the members of the opposite sex as sexual objects or ‘conquests’, which they need to persuade or seduce to have intercourse with. They fail to see the real person behind their challenge, and try to persuade as many sexual partners as they can.

3 – Anonymous Addiction

Some sex addicts find the prospect of being sexually involved with a stranger arousing. This type of sex addiction can lead teenagers into dangerous situations, where they can suffer serious bodily harm.

4 – Paying for Sex

Paying for sexual encounters may not be as common in teenagers, but paying to have sexually explicit conversations is not unheard of.

5 – Trading Sexual Favors or Images

With access to many gadgets and devices which contain a camera, this type of addiction has become more common than most people will believe. And the exposure to the hypersexual environment has also enabled many teenagers to use sexual favors as a commodity.

Teens suffering from any of these sexual addictions can cause harm to themselves and others. They need timely help to curb their sexual compulsiveness. STAR Guides can help in this regard; call us (800.584.4629) to learn about our amazing therapy program, specifically designed to treat teens who are dealing with sexual behavior issues.