Ask a Teen Porn/Sex Addict

Parents might find it quite alarming to know that their teenage child is addicted to something like porn. What concerns parents even more is that the reasons, symptoms, and the results of porn addiction are the same as any other addiction. Porn and sex addictions can be disastrous, both psychologically and physiologically, to an extent where the addicted individual losing interest in relationships and forgets the value of a complete life.

Here we will cover some of the questions asked from porn/sex addicts and also the most self-explanatory answers we were able to get.

Q#1- How Did Obsessive Pornography Behavior Start?

I am sure that everyone has his or her own experiences and different answers for this question. Like most people, there was some childhood anxiety involved, but I wasn’t abused and never faced such a trauma, which made me this obsessed with porn and sex.

I was aware of many porn websites, but the troubles started when I had this major secret crush on a cheerleader from college. I was unable to gather the guts to go up and talk to her, I just kept all those raging hormones, and feelings inside of me. In the midst of all the emotional confusions and no vent to let out my feelings for her, I started viewing porn. My mind was unable to differentiate between what I saw and felt and I was lost in the stark reality of my undeveloped nature. Once online, I felt like I had acceptance from the cheerleader and many other endless sexual triumphs. This is how it all started in my case.

Q#2- Did You Tell Anyone About The Porn Addiction Yourself?

In my case, I didn’t. In fact, it was my mom who find out, which was quite embarrassing at first, but her love and support helped me come out of the false state of mind. I guess it does not matter which addiction it is, all addictions create this wall of denial around, in the beginning I was lying to my parents and therapists. I used to think if I am able convince others that I am doing good, then I must be. I was stuck in this sticky web of lies upon lies and fortunately I found out I was not that good of a liar. My mother caught me again and I had chance to attend STAR Guides Wilderness. Now today, living a transparent life has allowed me to expect the same level of honesty from others I interact with.

Q#3-Did Porn/Sex Addiction Affect Your Relationships?

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No, not with me, I was just a good liar, but I felt close to my family so it didn’t really affect my relationship with them. However, I did feel at times that I was living a life without caring about the consequences. I was too careless; I had this false concept in my brain, ‘no matter what happened, at the end of the day I have my porn’. I believe that parents and guardians should work on eliminating this false concept first, making their addicted son realize they are addicted, in my point of view is the best approach.

If you or anyone close to you is falling in the pit of porn addiction or sex addiction, be sure to contact STAR Guides Wilderness for more information!