Juvenile Sex Offender Counseling and Where to Get It

It would break every parent’s heart to find out that his child has broken the law, causing pain and suffering to another human being. The good thing nowadays is that there are many programs catering to the rehabilitation of juvenile offenders, regardless of what crime they have committed. Since rehabilitation would require therapy for quick recovery, there are many organizations and agencies alike which come up with programs aimed at juvenile offenders as well as their parents, making the rehabilitation process easier for both parties. Depending on what you particularly need, here are some therapy options.

Juvenile Sex Offender Counseling

If your adolescent has been involved in a juvenile sex offense, they would need your utmost support and dedication aimed towards their rehabilitation. The truth, however, is that you cannot do it alone. Organizations such as Star Guides, for example, offer unique rehabilitation schemes which involve wilderness therapy. Focusing primarily on disruptive sexual behaviours which cause friction among family members, Star Guides takes advantage of nature’s rawness to imbibe a sense of back to basics scenario for the youth, who have been trying to keep up with all the pressures brought about by society and technology in general.

Will Mother Nature Cure Your Child’s Sexual Urges?

The premise behind this program is simple: Back to basics. Most of what urges teens nowadays to carelessly act on their sexual urges is the access to easy platforms to exhibit related behaviours. The internet has been a very convenient tool of communication and has been greatly abused by using it as a means for sexual release through pornography, cybersex, and prostitution, among others. Enlisting the help of the wilderness, where your teenager would experience nothing but the wonders of nature would really help not just in setting priorities straight, but also in giving them the luxury of peace and quiet to think things through.

Wilderness over Incarceration

Most youth correctional facilities in the country are government run and could get a bit crowded most of the time. What Star Guides has done is to create a private alternative in which the juvenile sex offender would have access to counseling as well as a unique wilderness program which could last up to 90 days in a remote Utah desert where survival skills and better self-awareness would be the core of his everyday life for two months or so.

Is Your Child Qualified?

There are specific criteria to be fulfilled in order to join the program, which is predominantly comprised of 13 – 17 year old boys and 18 – 25 year old young adults who have committed a sexual offense. The program, however, is not open for all. Youth with history of violence, psychotic tendencies, actively suicidal, below 70 IQ, and those requiring emergency services that could not be provided in a wilderness setting are discouraged from joining the program for reasons of their own safety. Enrolling your child is as simple as calling a hotline now.

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