Teen Sex Addiction

Many different studies have proven the fact that most teens in the US have easy access to pornographic material. The availability of such material over the internet has made it very easy for teens to view such material on a regular basis. The prolonged exposure to pornography can effect behavioral change in the teens. They develop sexual compulsiveness, which can often lead to teen sex addiction.

Teens today are increasingly exhibiting promiscuous behavior; they don’t seem to have any limits to the sexual acts they perform. They are completely oblivious to the fact that sex addiction is a serious condition and if prompt help is not received, it can have serious personal consequences.


Sex is often thought of as a cure for depression but sex addiction can actually cause depression, even in teens. When they can’t seem to stop themselves from committing increasingly perverse acts, they feel ashamed. The shame can haunt the addicted teen and can cause them to spiral into depression.


After the short-term relief that sexual acts provide, anxiety can set in the sex addicted teens. They often worry about the next situation they might find themselves in and not being able to stop themselves. Their anxiety often doesn’t allow them to ask for help, because they are afraid of what people might say if they find about their addiction.


Teen sex addicts shy away from personal relationships and their normal activities. This leaves them with a feeling of being isolated and alone. As they get deeper and deeper into the burden of their addiction, their isolation can cause serious mental health issues.


The sexually compulsive behavior leads them to find sex wherever they can, without worrying about the physical dangers. Sexually transmitted diseases can be a huge risk in teen sex addicts, not only to themselves but for their partners as well.

Relationship Issues

Teen sex addicts have a hard time making and maintaining relationships. If they don’t get professional help, they can carry these relationship issues into adulthood and they will never be able to forge an intimate relationship.

If your child is exhibiting symptoms of sex addiction, you have to seek professional help for them immediately. Before they start suffering from any of the consequences of teen sex addiction mentioned above.