Josh Leavitt

Director-Student Services

STAR Guides Wilderness Therapy | Josh Leavitt


After a 10-year career in Health Club Management, in January 2016 Josh decided to jump into the world of Wilderness Therapy.  Suffice it to say he hasn’t looked back since. 

He has served many roles during his time in Wilderness Therapy, starting out as a Field Guide for the first two years.  He then joined the Star Guides team to serve as a Family Relations Coordinator, eventually taking on the role of Field Director, and is now serving as the Alumni Director & Assistant Admissions.

Having experienced what it’s like to help guide adolescents in their journey to healing and self-discovery, in addition to helping prospective families seeking treatment during the admissions process, Josh has a wealth of experience in many aspects of Wilderness Therapy.  He understands that going through the wilderness experience, both as a student and a parent participating from home, is no doubt very challenging but that the benefits can truly be long lasting.  Josh is extremely passionate about the work that can be done in the wilderness and the life lessons it offers to us all.  

When not at work he enjoys spending time with his family in the outdoors going on hikes, camping, fishing, swimming, and gardening.