In the fast paced rising generation of technology, access to the internet has become more accessible to those of younger adolescent ages. With such an easy access to the internet, parents are struggling to keep the adult content that is so easily accessible from their children. Many kids and teenagers face a temptation to access forbidden websites out of curiosity. The temptation to view internet pornography can grow from simply viewing a porn website one time. One visit to a porn site by a young person can create enough curiosity to develop a new addiction to porn.

The rising generation of adolescent porn addicts is beginning to climb every year. This new addiction to porn can cause long lasting physiological effect to the mind, affect personal relationships, and also influenced them academically in the future. Many teenagers in their adolescent years are influenced by internet pornography in some type of way, either mental, socially, or physically. Being addicted to porn at such a young age can hinder personal relationships and make it difficult to have sexual relationships. Much pornography display women in a derogatory way and can cause young woman to become sexually submissive and teach young men to treat woman in a disrespectful and authoritative manner. Some pornography videos are so shocking, it may cause mental trauma and cause flashbacks of inappropriate images at an early age.

When a teenager develops a daily routine of viewing porn at an early age, they will not realize the affect it has had on their life until they enter their mid-twenties. By this age, the affects of being addicted to internet pornography may have created a long lasting problem for their social, personal, and mental health. Parents are now taking serious steps to monitor, censors, and secure their teenagers internet activity more than ever. Watching to much porn can lead to serious depression and may then cause the inability to relate to other people. Teenagers may then turn to secrecy and seclusion to hide their pornography addictions. This creates an addictive pattern that leads kids to watch more and more porn to handle their depression.

Pornography can is easily accessible, which adolescents can mistakenly come across a porn link or image by accident. At such a young age, kids can not comprehend what they have seen and may begin to form depression. This secret is kept inside and develops into a serious problem if left untreated. Teenagers and kids viewing porn causes emotional confusion. Young people can see these lewd sexual acts and think that this type of behavior is allowed at any age. This causes a serious social problem because teenagers begin to think about having physical sex at an early age. Some parents have taken drastic measures to help their children who have a new addiction to porn by seeking professional help and therapy. In a rising generation of fast paced and easy internet access, it has become a battle and strong effort to keep adult content secure and private.