Internet pornography use among teens has increased dramatically over the past ten years and we are only at the front end of understanding the impact that it is having on today’s youth.   At Star Guides Wilderness, we provide treatment to youth from all parts of the country who have developed an addiction to pornography that has subsequently led to a variety of additional problems resulting in the need for intensive therapeutic intervention.  These problems range from clinical depression and anxiety to self-loathing and hatred to sexual offending.

Recent research suggests that teens who regularly view pornography are more sexually active and even sexually violent. Internet safety expert Russ Warner has compiled a list of behaviors that are more commonly noted among teens who regularly view pornography.

  1. having intentions to engage in sexual intercourse
  2. having earlier initiation of sex
  3. having sexual activity more frequently
  4. having more sex partners
  5. having multiple lifetime sexual partners
  6. having had more than one sexual partner in the last three months
  7. having engaged in other explicit sex acts
  8. having engaged in sexual intercourse
  9. having a strong desire to conceive
  10. becoming pregnant
  11. testing positive for sexually-transmitted diseases
  12. having negative attitudes toward using condoms
  13. having not used contraception during the last intercourse
  14. having not used contraception in the past 6 months
  15. having used alcohol or other substances at last sexual encounter
  16. having higher sexual permissiveness scores
  17. having less progressive gender role attitudes
  18. being more likely to see women as sex objects
  19. being more accepting of sexual harassment
  20. engaging in more sexual harassment perpetration
  21. engaging in forced sex
  22. being a juvenile sex offender

At Star Guides Wilderness, we see first hand the devastating consequences that pornography addiction has on teens and our mission is to help teens and their families to recover from its effects  and learn to live life free from pornography and sexual addiction.