Parents Guide for Teen Sex Addiction

Raging hormones are largely to blame for sexually related incidents among teenagers. While increased libido is normal at such age of puberty, it is totally not an excuse to let sexual advances which could harm others go. As a parent, it is still under your responsibilities to make sure that your teenager is well-advised and guided at all times for his own good. When teen sexual behaviors spiral out of control and others are being harmed as a result, then it is reassuring to know help is available, because there are organizations which could offer help in the form of counseling and therapy programs.

Asking for Help

There will always be professionals in the field who have dedicated their careers to devising a good program for adolescents dealing with teen sexual addiction, as well as for their parents. There are many choices lately, which include an agency called Star Guides, which has become quite notorious for their Wilderness therapy programs which involve a controlled, therapeutic wilderness survival experience allowing teens to learn to manage life in a remote Utah desert as a means of disrupting problem sexual behavior. Some parents would think that this is too extreme, but it is not without scientific precedent.

Back to Basics

Counseling aside, what a teenager who’s been addicted to sex needs is a quiet environment where he could rethink his priorities and values in life. Apart from this, distractions are also necessary in order to keep his mind off his addiction. By subjecting him to the challenges of an environment without amenities and temptation, these objectives could be achieved relatively easier than when subjected to the allures of modern technology which could make it more convenient for them to go back to their vices. Besides, this isn’t the program’s only feature.

Other Features of the Program

As a parent, your involvement would be hands-on to ensure that your child is getting all the support he could get. What most of these progams offer include services such as: family therapy sessions, comprehensive psychosexual risk evaluation, Pathways workbook, daily group therapy sessions, bi-weekly individual therapy sessions, sexual history verification with a therapeutic polygraph, as well as updates to the courts and probation department if your teen is on probation. All of these services are in line with strict court ordered assessment and treatment regulations, which assures you that you and your child are in really good hands.

Exemptions to Enrollment

As a means of protection to both agency and child, teenagers which have a history of psychotic tendencies, actively suicidal, severe physical and mental handicap, below 70 IQ, and involved in violence are not recommended admittance with the program. This is to ensure that the teenager’s safety is always prioritized. The fact is that not every youth is either mentally or physically fit to endure the challenges involved in such program. For those who fall under this category, there are other private and public options worthy to be explored in order to find one which could better suit their specific necessities.