Star Guides Wilderness is unique to the field of youth treatment and to the field of sexual addiction in that it is the only program in the United States that uses wilderness therapy for treating sexual behavior issues in teens and young adults. The program offers a dual track with specific treatment programs for teens who have committed a sexual offense and for teens who are struggling with sexual compulsive behaviors including pornography and cyber-sex addiction.

The “Star” in the Star Guides is an acronym:

Sexual Compulsivity





Pornography addiction, cyber-sex and reckless sexual activity are examples of sexual compulsive behaviors in which teens today can struggle.


The root of many compulsive sexual behaviors is childhood trauma and abuse. Left untreated, pornography and reckless sexual behaviors become tools that are used for temporary escape from the scars of the abuse. Treating the underlying trauma and abuse is a key element of sexual addiction treatment.


Comprehensive diagnostic assessment is an important part of the treatment process at STAR Guides. Time in the wilderness allows for an accurate evaluation of the functioning of the youth which in turns is used to guide the treatment process.


Youth who complete STAR Guides are able to begin life again in recovery from addiction and have a guide and path for achieving a healthy future life.