Now Concerned Parents Can Call Us and Gain Immediate Help and Actionable Steps that Will Guide their youth to a Better and Healthier Life!

ST. GEORGE, UTAH: Perhaps you or someone you care about has lost control sexually and has started to behave in a disruptive manner. If something is telling you that their behavior is a problem and needs immediate treatment then using the services of Star Guides Wilderness program is what you need.

There are numerous reasons why a concerned parent / guardian would seek out sex addiction therapy. One of the key factors for determining whether your child needs therapy or not is by understanding the reasons for why they drift towards pornography and sex -related acts in the first place. A parent can only do this by approaching the matter in a non-judgmental and supportive manner where neither the child nor the parent feels uncomfortable. Star Guides works collaboratively with parents in this process to identify and address all the concerns when it comes to taking care of teen sex addiction. With their clinical experience of treating not only teens and young adults, but also their parents, Star Guides is able to provide the best psycho-sexual rehabilitation services in the youth treatment industry.

During a press meeting recently, Matt Bulkley, executive director of Star Guides Wilderness program said, “We are highly qualified sex addiction therapists who are now offering teens and young adults a chance to treat their sex addiction issues. Our rehabilitation services don’t just cover adolescents, but also young adult males and females as well. We also offer specific services for the treatment of internet porn and cybersex addiction in teens.”

He further stated, “At Star Guides, we believe that healing is possible and that there is hope for all those who are suffering from the debilitating effects of a disorder such as sex addiction. The wilderness experience will indeed be a difficult journey, but one which we are happy to be a part. Our Wilderness program helps restore an individual’s mental, emotional, relational and spiritual state, and we are extremely proud of having helped restore many relationships through our treatment process.”

Quite similar to a compulsive eater, it is important for young sex addicts to learn the difference between what natural and healthy urges are and what are addictive ones. Participation in the Star Guides program creates the ability for a young person to live a normal and more balanced life. By building motivation and confidence, the therapists at Star Guides help sex addicts to cope with those urges, manage their thoughts, and live a more balanced life while assisting them on their journey towards recovery. In the end, the endless cycle of sex addiction can be stopped with a firm commitment and resolve to get help.

About Us

Star Guides is a highly reputed treatment program which offers professional counseling, advice, treatment, diagnosis and psychotherapy. The wilderness offers a unique therapeutic treatment which is designed for teens and young adults.

Based in St. George, Utah approximately two hours north of Las Vegas Nevada on Interstate 15, the treatment facility has been carrying out cognitive-behavioral therapy and counseling services for those in need of help and navigating them successfully through the challenges of sex addiction. It’s been a place where many have found hope and healing.

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