Concerned Parents Can Now Enroll Discretely

StarGuides Wilderness Initiative Allows Parents to Register their Children Discretely into their Renowned and Unique Sex Addiction Therapy Program!

ST. GEORGE, UTAH: Sex addiction can be a highly dangerous and destructive mental condition, which can alter the way a young person interacts with their family, friends and peers if not taken care of early. Star Guides is now proud to announce the opening of their Wilderness treatment program, which is not only designed to heal adolescents of sex addiction, but can also be used to treat a variety of behavioral, emotional and relational issues.

Speaking to the press, Matt Bulkley, executive director of Star Guides said, “We are extremely excited to announce new treatment groups for both young men and women who are trying to recover from the effects of sex addiction. We are now accepting new clients. We use a wide variety of tools and resources to help our clients in reaching their goals. Enrollment for our wilderness program will be on-going and interested parents are now able to enroll their struggling teens.”

Star Guides Wilderness is a licensed rehabilitation treatment program, which operates under the direction of a team of highly skilled clinical psychotherapist s with the goal to help young people in recovering from their sexual compulsions. The enrollment process for Star Guides Wilderness program is easy with the experienced and helpful admissions department guiding parents through the process. Star Guides is not allied with any particular sect, religious denomination or political affiliation. All youth regardless of religion, ethnicity, race or gender struggling with a sex addiction are welcome.

Bulkley concluded, “I cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of parents working through their own reactions when it comes to dealing with their children’s sexual behavior problems. Parents should try to learn about the issues that drive their children towards sexual compulsivity and work with our therapists to better understand their child’s sex addiction and the ways in which we can help with these issues.

In addition to their impressive credentials, they have a warm and welcome manner in which they help tackle difficult issues and help facilitate communication between teens and their parents.

About Us

Star Guides is a reputed treatment program which offers professional assessment, treatment, diagnosis and psychotherapy services. Their Wilderness program offers a unique treatment approach designed for teens and young adults.

Based in St. George, Utah approximately two hours north of Las Vegas Nevada on Interstate 15, the treatment facility has been providing cognitive-behavioral therapy and counseling services for those in need of help of navigating successfully through the challenges of sex addiction. It’s been a place where many have found hope and healing.

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