Teen Sexual Addiction

Parents often wonder how they can recognize the signs of sex addiction in their children. They usually have their suspicions; they see the symptoms of sex addiction in the teenagers, but they associate it to the wrong addiction. Like most adults, their first thought – after observing abnormal behavior in teenagers – is about drugs or alcohol.

For parents to confirm their suspicions, they will need to know which signs clearly point towards sexual addiction. And we thought that we should lay out these signs of compulsive sexual behavior to help parents recognize sex addiction in their kids. If you see any or all of these characteristics in your child, then you should seek help for them as soon as possible. Enrolling them in one of our sexual therapy tracks will be hugely beneficial for them.

Signs of Sex Addiction

  1. Viewing explicit materials online for hours and participating in other online acts, like cybersex
  2. A dip in academic performance or ignoring their schoolwork and extracurricular activities altogether
  3. Antisocial behavior, like not socializing with friends and ignoring other outdoor activities
  4. Multiple girlfriends or boyfriends in a short span of time
  5. Being secretive about their various gadgets, like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc, protecting them with password and the lack of a browsing history
  6. Being untruthful about their daily activities or sexual activities or the people they are associating with
  7. Trying to involve people around them in sexual activity (engaging in incest) and displaying sexual aggressiveness
  8. Cutting themselves off and spending too much alone or with unknown individuals
  9. Not displaying any empathy towards their sexual partners
  10. Escalation of activities and introducing drugs into the acts to achieve the ultimate high

Do remember that you have to subtle about your observations, don’t be too inquisitive or the teen may get more defensive and careful about hiding their habits and addiction. And when your suspicions are confirmed, don’t react with aggression. You need to take a calm and understanding approach when confronting them. Get in touch with us (800.584.4629) and enroll them in our wilderness therapy program, so they can begin deal with their sexual issues.