Ever since sex addiction emerged into mainstream consciousness, it has been a growing concern for parents about their teens regarding whether or not they are suffering from a form of sexual addiction. The following are the top five signs that indicate a teen is in need of sex addiction therapy.


The child may have pornographic material on his/her smart phone, Xbox, or IPod. Parents may also find evidence of deleted history and evidence of perusing social media for online hookups. These will be direct indications of a child’s preoccupation with sex.

Mysterious Behaviors

Children needing a sex addiction solution might have sudden mood swings during which they will act distant or withdrawn from everything else. They may start acting shady and come off as mentally and physically withdrawn from their life and the people in it. Their studies and social life will suffer due to this lack of attention. They will not be open to any sort of supervision and will feel threatened or challenged if a parent, or anyone else, tries to show concern.

Isolation or Secretiveness

Another sign which makes it certain that a child may need the help of sexual therapists is that the child will remain isolated from everything, staying secretive about whatever he/she does throughout the day. This will indicate that the child is trying to keep the unethical behaviors hidden from parents and others to make sure he/she doesn’t get caught.

Lacking in Life

As the addiction progresses, the teen will spend more time attempting to obtain sexual pleasure and less time focusing on his/her life. This will disable the teen from properly attending to the routine things in his/her life such as school, friends, family, and other common obligations. This is a clear indication that the time, attention, and energy required in these areas is being spent somewhere else.


Eventually, a parent might encounter direct evidence to their child’s problem. This may be pornographic materials, unexplained absences from home or school, late nights out, extended time in the room with the door locked, etc.

These are the signs that will indicate a teen is suffering from sex addiction and needs the help of a sex addiction counselor. The parents should consider confronting the child about these problems and seek help from a well reputed source that provides sexual therapy for children.

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