Darren Jensen

Field Director & Staff Services

STAR Guides Wilderness Therapy | Darren Jensen


Darren began his career in newspapers. After graduating from Utah State University with a BA in Journalism, Darren gave up writing and photography to pursue the business side of newspapers. After 20 years in the industry, his newspaper career culminated with a position managing post press operations for three Northern California newspapers. Darren’s experience running three 24-hour a day operation with over 50 employees and hundreds of independent contractors gave him the confidence to break away from the corporate world and begin his own business.Darren and his partners built a company that went from private ownership to a publicly traded corporation. Then when the company merged with another company he chose to leave the corporate world behind once again.

While Darren was successful in business, his passion was helping develop teenage boys by volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America. A close friend urged him to combine his passion for the outdoors and enthusiasm for working with youth by joining a wilderness therapy company. Darren intended to work in this industry for a short time to pay back the help he had received with his own son but found it difficult to leave an industry he loved.

Darren brings his passion for helping youth to Family Bootcamp, along with his business experience building and training successful teams. He respects the work of our field guides and is enthusiastic about building and maintaining a team that works closely with clinicians to create a powerful therapeutic environment for our clients.