Give Your Children A Way Out Of Sexual Behavior Problems!

Is your child addicted to porn? Do you know that parents can be a source of their children’s porn addictions? If you think that turning a blind eye to your teen get a quick fix of sex through the internet could help ease the pressure on him, you are wrong. It is this lenient quick fix that later turns into an addiction and causes both psychological and emotional problems.

In order to help your child break this addiction, you need to first understand why your child fell in to the pit in the first place.

Why Do Teenagers Get Addicted To Porn?

The scientific reasons behind a persistently compulsive attitude towards porn are pretty much the same as any other addiction. Most bad habits are likely to turn in to addictions as they release the feel good hormone ‘dopamine’ in the body, which makes up for the satisfaction attained out of fulfilling the addictions. As teens gradually push up their dose of porn, so do they push up the dose of dopamine being released in their body and ultimately they keep wanting more and more.

What Went Wrong At Home?

It is not surprising that a large number of teens fall victims to porn addiction because of problems at home. In many such situations, teens first exposure to porn occurs within the walls of their own home. Some teens begin using porn as an escape from family conflicts and fighting. However, you should understand that bad things do happen to good families too, and the blame-game will not help your child.

Many children get addicted to porn because of improper sex education that truly explains the winsome truth expounded in the bible. Setting proper foundations and basics towards proper Christian sexual ethics is the first step towards ensuring your child a porn-free future.

Additionally, parents might also want to re-evaluate the nature and type of media they have allowed in the home. With most movies and television programs openly airing explicit content, your child would be more probable to get hooked on porn if they have been hooked on to the television at an early stage.

STAR Guides Wilderness - Programs for teen sexual behavior problems

Moreover, another sad reason behind porn addiction is the reality of sexual abuse. Many addicted teens have been victims of some sort of sexual abuse earlier in life; it is therefore essential to solve sexual abuse issues before heading for a therapy for porn addiction.

Many families with porn addicted teens also show a record of poor inter-family communication in the past. However, the way parents approach their children about porn use will likely determine whether the series of poor communications will continue to grow or whether a new foundation of openness and trust will evolve.

What To Do?

You might have noticed your child’s behavior gradually changing, as they become more self-centered and isolated from you. You might also notice other behavioral changes like unwillingness to socialize and lack of emotions. If this is your child, your best option is finding and evaluating the best therapy program to disrupt the addiction.

There are a number of programs out there including:

Sexual offenses programs

Sexual compulsivity programs

Sexual reactivity programs

Psycho-sexual evaluations

These programs address different issues, some of which your child might be experiencing due to their porn addictions. Star Guides Wilderness provides the best pornography addiction help available for teens and has tracks designed specifically for both males and females. Call for a free consultation from a dedicated sex addiction therapist about determining if Star Guides is the right intervention for your child. For more information, visit our website