Video game addiction is a serious issue that is likely to take a toll on a child’s mental and physical well-being. With the emergence of games like Candy Crush, Counter Strike, and Angry Birds to name just a few, teenagers spend almost their entire day playing games on their cell phones or laptops. If you feel video game addiction is taking over your kid’s life, contact STAR Guides to seek specialized therapy.

Here are a few healthy alternatives to break the addiction:

Take the family out

Take the entire family out for a walk, picnic or to the beach. Not only will it distract your child from video games, it will give you a chance to spend quality time with them. You don’t have to plan a lavish outing. Simply take the kids out for a walk to the local park. The point is you can go anywhere you want, instead of staying at home.


Getting over video game addiction is not easy. It requires innovative ways to engage the addict towards a healthier alternative. One such alternative is volunteer work. Volunteering gives people the chance to contribute to a substantial change in the society. Furthermore, it also results in positive self-esteem and personal growth. Set an example for your children by getting involved in volunteer work yourself.


Make your child join a sports team or a club. Sports activities are fun, exciting and engaging alternatives that will be thoroughly enjoyed by them. Joining a sports club can develop a sense of sportsmanship among children and keep them fit.

Creative classes

If sports club is not what your child fancies, how about enrolling them into a music, dance or art class? There are a number of options. Figure out what your child is interested in and then find any dance, art or music programs being offered close to your home.

Get a pet

Pets can help video gaming addicts with their recovery. Having a pet instills a sense of responsibility and accountability in addicts. Similarly, pets help ease stress and anxiety, which trigger addiction in the first place.

Board games

Play board games with your kids if you don’t feel like going outdoors. Invite their friends over to play with them. Similar to video games, a board game challenges children and stimulates their imagination. Unlike a video game, however, a board game has a positive impact on their minds. Twister, Scrabble and Candy Land are some of the most popular board games today.

These are just a few ways you can help your child recover from video game addiction. If you feel the need for a more specialized and expert approach to tackle the issue, feel free to get in touch with the friendly team at STAR Guides.